Welcome to the website for the exciting new Quad Cycle 4000.

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The Quad Cycle 4000 is a prototype hybrid pedal electric vehicle for the 21st century. The vehicle is at present a fully functioning hybrid vehicle operating at speeds up to 25 mph on the electric motor but may be pedaled by 1 or 2 people. New innovations are coming which will significantly advance the present concept. Please stay tuned as we continue to make improvements in innovation to this unique vehicle. If you would like to partner with us on the development of the more advanced model please contact us. If you would like to join our growing interested customer list please contact us.
Why use a hybrid electric low speed vehicle? Glad you asked…. 75% of all trips are less than 10 miles in distance. New state and federal laws are increasing penalties for green house gases. There will be an increasing demand for new forms of transportation and fun that do not have a detrimental effect on our environment. The Quad Cycle 4000 can play a role in lowering green house gases by becoming an alternative form of transportation in communities and on streets that are being designed with low speed transportation in mind.
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Not only is it great fun and convenient transportation but you can exercise at your own pace by pedaling the vehicle when you choose. Presently the vehicle has 6 speeds but changes are on the horizon for a unique pedaling experience.
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Featured on CBS affiliate WCBI
How far can it travel without a recharge? With the present battery configuration the vehicle may travel 15 to 17 miles without recharging. A future upgrade to the battery will extend the travel distance to as far as 30 miles on average terrain.